Tips and tricks to run ShowBox movies without error


It has always been a dream to run movies on devices like smartphones and Tablets. Application like ShowBox provide you with an opportunity to view latest movies and videos for free of cost.showbox

It is an amazing application that is providing people with some incredible features for some time now. It is recognized as one of the best apps for giving an infinite movie library, latest videos and unlimited song list to search for.

Before moving forward, let’s refresh our minds with its powerful features that we fell in love with. Let’s list them down together :-

  • Watch unlimited movies, videos and listen to songs for free.
  • Search for latest movies and videos easily
  • A very attractive and beautiful user interface to work with.
  • Convert songs directly through the app without any external download.
  • Connect directly to Chromecast to have a better experience overall.
  • Get the best links to watch the video
  • ShowBox will provide you with HD quality and excellent speed.
  • It supports more than 14 languages like, English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic and many more.
  • Download movies and videos in different resolutions.
  • Kids ock available for parents to choose what they want their child to watch on ShowBox.

ShowBox not working : Fix it

There are loads of questions asked by people who are using ShowBox for a very long time now. Users are facing a lot of problem in watching and downloading their favorite movies. Lets answer these questions with some tips and tricks. We are sure this is going to be quite helpful. Let’s read further :-

Q1) ShowBox is showing “video not available”?

This is a general problem that people are facing nowadays with ShowBox. For this problem, users can update their ShowBox app by downloading it again on their device and clear the data from the setting options.

Q2) My favorite show is missing from the app, What should I do ?

Well, there is only one option to this, you can download alternatives to ShowBox for now. There are plenty of options like TubeMate, SnapTube, Videoder, VidMate, PlayView, PlayBox HD, CinemaBox HD, MovieBox HD, Cartoon HD, Popcorn time etc. They all working very well in the market. You all can try them once!

Q3) Is Showbox actually safe ?

If you talk about movie downloader to be safe, then let us tell you that ShowBox is the safest movie streaming application till now. It is believed to provide the best HD quality and excellent speed over all. ShowBox also gives your search random results which really helps in watching new videos.

Q4) ShowBox has stopped working, How to fix it?

To fix this problem, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to settings > general settings > Application manager
  2. Choose ShowBox application.
  3. You will find 2 options clear data & clear cache
  4. As soon as you clear both the options, you can run the ShowBox app again on your smartphone.


Showbox and MovieBox HD applications are in maintenance for sometime now. Therefore, these problems can irritate you. For any help regarding ShowBox or MovieBox, please write your questions below. We will surely help you.

Playview APK Download and Install Guide

Playview is a new application for Android users which lets them stream their favourite content online. With Playview, users can stream any of their favourite TV shows or movies. It is an app which will let you stream almost any Television show or movie you want. The best part about the app is that is absolutely free to use and is available on Android devices.playview app1

Playview may be a new app, but every passing day its popularity is reaching great heights. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can download and install Playview for Android and iOS devices. Let us start out with the process of downloading Playview for Android.

Playview APK Download & Install Guide for Android

The procedure of downloading Playview for Android is a walk in the park. All you have to do is follow few simple steps and you will have Playview on your Android device in no time. Have a look at the procedure of downloading Playview for Android devices below.

1.    First of all, you need to google and download the APK file of Playview as it is not available on Google Play Store.
2.    Now, what you need to do is go to your phone’s settings and allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
3.    Now install the app and you are done.

That is all, guys. You can now run the app and enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies on your Android device. Let us now discuss how you can download Playview for iOS devices.

Playview APK Download & Install Guide for iOS

We hate to break it to you but Playview apk app is not officially available for iOS devices. But what you can do is look for an alternative of Playview for your iOS device. There are plenty of amazing Playview alternatives available for iOS devices.

You can find out some awesome Playview Alternatives by simply googling the term ‘ Best Playview Alternatives for iOS’.

Nonetheless, In this post we discuss how you can install Playview on different mobile platforms. We hope that you liked this post and that it was able to solve your queries to some extent. If still any of your queries left unanswered then feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog and share this post. Stay tuned for more such informative articles and updates.

Facebook brings up new app for Window 10

PC users should know this

Facebook released a big news on Thursday that now Facebook and its Messenger applications are available for Windows 10 users. For that matter, they are also planning to roll out an Instagram app soon.

There is no doubt, Windows 8 also had the facility of Facebook app, but it wasn’t any easier than opening via browser. Therefore, it was just a reduced version of Facebook mobile app. Though, the application is still available for Windows 8 users, they are unable to download it from the official website.

facebook 2

Most of the desktop users have Window Operating system. This news will really benefit a large number of population. As well as, Windows is really trying to push their customers to use Windows 10 i.e. the exclusive and updated version of Windows. It does make sense, right ?

Facebook has made all the features available for Windows 10 users, like – stickers, reactions and recent notifications. On top of that, all the recent notification would be displayed as “Live Titles”, on your desktop screen.


The benefits of Facebook are quite clear – As you all can see above, users can download the app from their “Start menu” and enjoy this Facebook revolution. While people are on browser they tend to go on different browsing options, but through Facebook app, you all know, I don’t need to say !

I guess Facebook and Instagram users are going to get lucky this time !








2016’s top 6 social and communication apps on Android!

android apps

Well, 2015 is almost coming to an end and Google decided to come up with the top applications among various categories for this year. Now that you visit the store, you will find the apps in the sections that puts light on the apps of the year. After all, it is a huge deal to get into the top 5 on Google’s list, isn’t it?

Without testing much of your patience, let us have a look at the top 5 social and communication apps listed by Google for this year on your play store!

android apps

  1. Skype

Without doubt, Skype has to be the top. It is an application which allows you to connect on not messages and calls but on video. Not every time will you be happy by just hearing someone’s voice when they are miles apart. Skype comes to rescue to all those people who have their children, friends and family far from them.

  1. WhatsApp

Yet again, quite a predictable application!. Though most of must be expecting WhatsApp on the top, many of us do know that it has done well enough to stand second on Google’s list of top applications this year. WhatsApp messenger is one application which indeed has the perfect combination of almost all the features. As news go about it having video calling soon too, many might switch to WhatsApp as their all time favourite social application and forget the others.

  1. Truecaller

This might come as a surprise to many of us but being one of its kinds, Truecaller surely deserves this place it has got. After all, it has always kept the users informed of those unknown numbers and the block listed ones too! Truecaller is a must have for many throughout the globe!

  1. Twitter

Well, Twitter’s app has managed to do better than Facebook’s application. After all, twitter allows the users to keep their views strongly and of course not to forget follow their idols on the same platform as them too. Not to forget, Twitter does the task of keeping everyone informed about the current scenario highly well. None other could be capable of doing it as good as Twitter!

  1. Hike Messenger

It started off as an application that allowed free messages based on the invites the users sent. Gradually, hike turned into an application which is entirely a replica of WhatsApp, only it supports sharing files and documents as well. It came up with the stickers, the last seens and the ticks, and now it allows everything in a manner quite similar to WhatsApp!

6. GarageBand

Garageband is a popular app for music makers. It has an option of social networking, It’s called “garageband social networking”. It’s has made into the list because of its high demand. It has over million download on Play store and iOS store. It is also available for pc and windows. You can download garageband for windows using this article.

So that was all about the top 6 social apps on Google this year. With WhatsApp and Skype being quite the known applications, Facebook might be missed by many. All said and done, this is what the statistics say and that’s how applications throughout are perceived by all the users! Happy messaging!

ZAPYA App Download – Android, iOS and PC


Hi Folks, Today we will learn how to install Zapya on Windows PC. I am sure you are aware of Zapya app, that’s why you are reading this article right now.

Zapya is one of the top file sharing apps in the market. Use of Bluetooth and USB cable for data transfer are completely obsolete now. Like we have apps for every activity, we got several apps for file transfer too. File transfer is the procedure that most people would love to get rid of. Because data transfer is a bit frustrating procedure, unless you have a great app to the task.


You can easily send an image or song using Bluetooth and USB cable to other devices. But what if you have to send whole HD movie? Now that’s complicated. But luckily, due to Android file sharing apps, this task has become extremely easy. Most popular apps for file transfer includes Shareit, Xender and Zapya.

In this article we are just gonna talk about Zapya. Zapya gained so much fame within a short time frame due to its great performance. You can check its popularity by the fact that 100 million users have installed this app on their smart phones.

Zapya is supported by Android, iOS and Windows. It can be downloaded on all devices like smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC etc. The best part, it allows data transfer between two different platforms. Without Zpaya and other sharing apps, no one would ever think of how to send files from Windows PC to the Macbook. But with Zapya any file can be transferred from one device to another without any complication.

Zapya is much faster than Bluetooth. More precisely, you can send data at the rate of 10MB/sec. That number is significant and cannot be ignored. With such amazing speed, you can send HD video in few minutes.

How such speed is possible? The answer is the Wi-fi technology. Zapya uses the Wi-fi technology to create a personal hotspot to connect two devices for file transfer. Remember that it only uses the technology but does not consume the data traffic.

In start Zapya was available for Android and iOS devices. People would install an emulator to use this app on the PC. But due to such fan base, Zapya developers built the version for Windows PC.

Now you can directly download setup file of Zapya from this link. Simply download and install the app for file sharing.

Have the coolest Android Lockscreens ever!

Lockscreens are really fun to play around with. Plus when you find the one you’re most comfortable with, there’s no end to how much more satisfying the whole Android experience becomes. Here are 5 Android Lockscreens you should try, all discussed in a video!

Download ES File Explorer for Windows 7, 8.1, XP and 10


Let me ask you a question, what is the most important thing about your device or smart phone. What is in that device that is precious and priceless for you? Data! Yeah, in any smart device, data is the thing that’s worthy of all. With latest smart devices, you can store tons of bits of data within a single device. Memory cards are getting bigger and bigger in their capacities. Storing HD movies and playlists of songs is not a headache.


Things are going pretty awesome. But wait! What will you do, if you have to send data from that device to another? Yes, Bluetooth is the most obvious question. Sending an image with Bluetooth is easy. It will be done in seconds. But what if we have to send whole playlists or HD movie from one smart phone to another. Wooaaahhh! I am sure this notion is a bit terrifying. You never thought about sending a data from one device to another of such big size.

So what we do now! Bluetooth is out of the window. What options or alternatives we got! Android apps! Yayyy! Luckily we are living life with Android. We got a problem, Let ask Android , is there any app to solve this problem? Yeah, There are many Android apps which can help us sending such big amount of data instantly. How they do that! These apps uses wifi technology. Instead of using wifi traffic, they just use technology to create personal hotspot, in this way both devices get connected for data transfer.

Most popular apps for data transfer are Shareit and ES File explorer. In this article, we are gonna talk about the installation of ES File Explorer. Millions of people have installed this app on their smart phones. This is evident that people love using this app for file transfer.

With ES file explorer you can send data between different devices. Like PC, Android, Laptop or iPad, etc. So how we can install an Android app on PC.

For this we need an Android Emulator. Android Emulator creates a virtual environment on PC so that Android apps can run.

So here are the steps needed to install ES File explorer on PC.

  • First of all, download BlueStacks Android player from its official website.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Now download APK file of ES file explorer from here.
  • Now run the APK file with BlueStacks!
  • That’s it!

3 SHAREit Like App For a Windows Phone


The File transfer is a tedious process. Everyone tries to get best medium for file transfer. When it comes to sending small files, Bluetooth works fine. But what if we have to share large files like HD movies. Seriously, it is gonna take forever to transfer files with Bluetooth.

But we can use wifi. It is better and faster. But wait! We can’t directly send files using wifi. Fortunately, we have apps that have solutions for file transfer using wifi. Shareit is the latest file sharing app. It is compatible with all operating systems and devices. The best part is transferred over cross platform.

Well, there are some alternatives for Shareit for PC that works absolutely fine. So you got Windows phone and wanna transfer your data to your PC. These three apps will do the task for you.

Easy Transfer:


Easy transfer is by far best file transfer app for Windows phone. It has a reputation due to its simple design and user interface. For file transfer, you just need to download and install the app on your windows phone plus PC. The Requirement is that both devices should be connected to same wifi. The web address will be displayed on the web browser on PC. This way you can transfer any data from Windows phone to PC and vice versa. Media player is an extra with Easy Transfer. This player will allow you to play media files directly in the browser.



Kuchiyose is much like Easy transfer. It is a server based file transfer app. Using this app will let your upload and download data from Windows phone to PC and vice versa. People love its nice interface that is very user friendly. You don’t need to download media files. Kuchiyose has the capacity to stream media files directly on your web browser. The downside is the ads displayed on windows app. But it does not bother on the file manager.



Flyer is again server based application. But it is offering some premium features that other applications do not allow. Let’s talk basic first. Yes, you can download and upload data between Windows phone and PC using Flyer. But you don’t need to show all of your folders in the web browser. You can select folders on your phone, and only selected folders will be appearing on PC. For security, this asks login access. User will have to enter code showing on Phone for getting access. It can even change the port number for security.

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